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A day in the life of a builder…


Ever wondered what life on the tools might be like? We shadow Verve Constructions builder, Travis, for a day to find out what it takes to be a Site Manager and get better acquainted with the people bringing Bundoora’s newest address, Botanic at Parc Vue to life.


It’s pitch black outside when my alarm goes off. By now I’m used to the early mornings and instead of hitting snooze, I quickly get up and about.

First stop is the kitchen, where I pile up the Weetbix, banana and Manuka honey – full of antibodies and natural sweetness, I’ll take this over sugar any day.

I stop by the fridge again on my way out, this time to pick up lunch. Working the hours I do, I find it easier to cook in bulk on Sunday. Having meals pre-prepared and ready to go means I don’t have to think about it during the week and can be relatively healthy. My specialities are roast chicken, veggies or kangaroo burgers.

A day in the life of a builder


As I jump in the ute, Fox FM blares out of the radio from the night before. At this hour of the day though, I prefer a dose of Chrissy, Sam and Brownie on Nova100 and enjoy the news updates that carry me through the half-hour commute.


I generally arrive fifteen minutes early so I can ease into the day. Food in the fridge, kettle on the boil and a cup of Nescafé Blend 20 means that by 7.00am, I’m good to go. Being the Site Manager, each day is different. It’s my job to be the eyes, ears, hands and mouth of the site. Today we’re working on a large balcony at Botanic, which requires some precision drilling and will most likely take a couple of days to finish.


A quick team meeting is on the cards to ensure we’re all on the same page and things can continue to track along as planned.


Not a day goes by without a flick through the emails – no business can afford to stay offline for too long these days. It’s generally around this time that the boys will pipe up. If I get too lost in the screen, they’ll remind me to chip in and get my hands dirty again. We have great banter on site and are forever getting stuck into each other, it definitely keeps things lively!


Time for lunch. Roast chicken and veggies (standard) – we’re getting close to the weekend so it’s a little touch and go – four day old chicken is still edible right?


Ducking out to Bunnings – one of my secret pleasures. I’m like a kid in a candy shop. The excitement I feel when I see that big green shed is pretty on par with Christmas morning. Unfortunately, no time for the playground these days and no sausage sizzle in sight today, so I’m in and out in under 15 and headed back to the trenches.


Building working hard


Time to clock off and swap the high-vis for active wear. With an apple and pear in hand, it’s off to the gym – Bundoora Genesis has been my go to for a while now. Depending on my work schedule, I can spend a good two hours here. At the moment I’m predominantly working on strength and conditioning. My goal is to live forever so they say exercise is the first step towards achieving this goal!


It’s a 45-minute trek back home to Wollert. It’s convenient having the gym right around the corner from work, not so convenient getting home.


Normally I’ll fit in some life admin once I get home, but let’s be honest, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Usually by the time I get back from the gym my day is done but tonight’s Thursday – otherwise known as Boy’s Night. It’s been a tradition since we were kids. We rotate through the houses, bringing beer and watching sport wherever we go. Tonight, AFL is taking centre stage.


After the footy, I’m off home for a shower and then the minute my head hits the pillow, I’m out like a light.

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