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Guide to creative activities, outlets and venues in Bundoora


On any given Saturday morning you’ll see some of Melbourne’s most celebrated fine artists people-watching and soaking up inspiration in Bundoora.

Observe closely and you’ll discover young dancers with stars in their eyes hitting the floor despite their blistered feet, innovators unveiling plans to turn their dreams into reality and people of all ages who simply want to immerse themselves in the creative and cultural community of Bundoora.

Bundoora has a thriving arts community, and is teeming with cultural venues and activities that attract audiences, artists and hopefuls from all over Melbourne.

Here are our top picks of creative activities, outlets and venues in Bundoora:

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre

The magnificent Federation mansion and historic house at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre is where Melbourne’s artists go to seek inspiration.

Inner-artists are brought to life by other artists and exhibitions, or simply by watching the parade of people enjoying the traditional afternoon tea in the cafe, or quiet contemplation in the wonderful heritage gardens.

Bundoora Homestead is a true haven for artists, featuring contemporary art and craft exhibitions, as well as artists’ talks and workshops.

Bundoora Calisthenics Club

Fun, fitness and imagination come together in this energetic hub of theatrical creativity.

Bundoora Calisthenics Club combines the creative energy and the community spirit of Bundoora.

It’s a community-run club where parents meet over coffee while their kids dance up a storm, and where teenagers and adults hone their gymnastic and artistic skills.

Image credit: La Trobe University Art Institute

La Trobe University Art Institute

La Trobe’s Art Institute is a cutting-edge artistic space that is redefining university art museums.

The Art Institute features ever-changing contemporary exhibitions and art spaces including a fabulous sculpture park, and is also home to the university’s fascinating collection of modern and historical artworks and objects of social significance.

KOCAS visual art education

If your child’s artistic flair goes beyond finger painting and pasting, they will love KOCAS.

For more than 20 years, KOCAS has developed a reputation for developing the creative brilliance of some of Melbourne’s best young artists.

With art classes for kids from Grade One to Year Twelve, students learn technical skills and creative expression, alongside real-life skills such as folio preparation and studio practice.

Diamond Valley Dance Academy

Whether you are an aspiring professional dancer, or simply enjoy the fun and fitness that dance provides, you’ll walk out of Diamond Valley Dance Academy feeling like an extra from Fame.

Capturing a true dance studio atmosphere, the school’s teachers all have industry experience and pass on the principles of commitment, dedication and discipline – as well as all the moves – needed to stand out in the world of dance, in a space with a New York dance studio vibe.

A truly creative community

These are just a few of the creative activities, outlets and venues in Bundoora that make the area a vibrant and cultural hub.

This element not only creates an attractive and enjoyable place to live, but also adds to a sense of local community and lifestyle.

Learn more about the neighbourhood and find out why Bundoora is such an appealing place to live here.

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